This page features the new wave of connecting doctors and patients affordably.

These days, insurance is the best, safest way to afford healthcare. Right?

Well… maybe not. Turns out, when doctors step back from insurance, patients pay less. A lot less. Primary care and regular office visits, about 60%. Surgery, as low as 10% but averaging 17%. Patients like the prices, and the lack of red tape is a bonus.

It’s called Direct Pay, or Direct Primary Care, or Concierge Practice, or Transparent Pricing, or any number of other things. One-size-fits-all, it is not. It is as innovative as the practitioners and patients of a given area need it to be, but the one common denominator is that cash changes hands with real prices and no third party interference.

On this page, I will be featuring examples of these practices across the US. It has a presence in Michigan, which I would like to see grow. Too many small towns and rural residents are without local care. You can help change that by proving the demand for Direct Pay Care in your area. Check out the existing Michigan locations while you’re at it, and consider patronizing them.

See you soon with great stories of doctors and patients getting together!

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