What Are the Sharing Organizations?

Sharing organizations crept slowly into the public consciousness for a few decades, but with the effects of the ACA they are exploding in membership, talk radio coverage, and innovation. Because coverage has been selective, I give a brief overview here.

The four sharing organizations are each unique, but all qualify for exemption under the ACA and have monthly payments around half that of today’s insurance premiums. While none are linked to a particular denomination, they generally require that you affirm church membership and/or regular attendance. This functions as an expression of both genuine caring (yes, individual health is statistically linked to regular church attendance!) and a practical method of keeping members’ costs low. In this they have been extraordinarily successful– at a time when insurance premiums are steadily rising, sharing portions have actually decreased for months at a time.

I recommend exploring the details of all four organizations, because they vary in the finer points. For example, some function primarily on the internet. Others provide for pre-existing conditions, a change from the past. Some will dicker hospital fees for you; others coach you to do so. Weighing the differences will help you find the best fit for your individual needs.

Christian Healthcare Ministries


Samaritan Ministries

Liberty HealthShare

Best wishes in your search!

** Updated December 1, 2015.

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