Home Birth Freedom Lobby Day

November 12, 2015 was Home Birth Freedom Lobby Day in Lansing, MI. The issue at stake: new regulation through licensure. Blustery weather didn’t deter families and midwives from turning out to defend their way of life. They even brought their children:

Children Leading the Way

Children Leading the Way


More than thirty adults turned out to lobby for home birth freedom at the state capitol building. They coordinated their efforts and delivered their message to the office of nearly every state representative, as well as many senators. Despite the early adjournment of session for Thanksgiving Break, citizen lobbyists were glad to find many elected officials available and ready to hear their concerns.

Home Birth Lobby Group

Home Birth Lobby Group A


Midwives had taken advantage of the day to schedule meetings about home birth freedom with their state representatives. With passion and intimate knowledge of their subject, they described in detail how the bill would interfere with their ability to serve their clients.

Afterwards, they enjoyed the view and some fresh air on the capitol steps. (We were thankful the rain and snow didn’t hit until the end of the day!)

Taking a moment

Taking a moment


Finally, midwives joined a few families for a commemorative moment before heading back inside to plan for the future. It was a good day defending healthcare freedom!

Midwives and Families on the Capitol Steps

Midwives and some supporters on the Capitol Steps

More about Home Birth Freedom

Home birth with a midwife has a long history the world over, and its free exercise is one of the benchmarks of freedom. You can learn more about the worldwide movement here.

Midwifery is making a comeback in many areas of the US like Michigan. However, as in the other healthcare professions, access is limited and prices rise when practitioners from different philosophies of care attempt to pass legislation to enforce their views or gain market share.

A loose coalition has formed in Michigan to support two freedoms: the right of lay midwives to practice, and the right of parents to contract with their chosen practitioner. If you are interested in joining, we would love to hear from you through the form below.

More about Healthcare Freedom in Michigan

My name is Abigail Nobel. I combine a lifetime of nursing with a passion for faith and freedom, backed by a Hillsdale master’s degree in politics. Tracking state-level health policy allows me to make a difference by alerting others to current issues that affect us at the most intimate level: our health, and our access to care. Ultimately, my goal is to alert fellow Michigan residents, with the information they need, in time for them to take action to affect the direction of state health policy.

It was my honor and pleasure to help organize this event. Kudos to the families, individuals, and midwives who took part in so many ways! If you are interested in supporting this cause, or would like my help with your own healthcare freedom issue, please contact me here.

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