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The public may attend hearings of the state legislature, and offer testimony on their own behalf or representing an organization.

Reverse the MI Vaccine Waiver: HCF Testimony

5-27-17 This Thursday, the MI House Education Reform Committee held a hearing on HB 4425/26. Abigail Nobel for Healthcare Freedom in Michigan attended and submitted written testimony supporting the bills and opposing the MDHHS Vaccine Waiver Rule. “Mr. Chairman, Committee Members, and … Continue reading

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MI Vaccine Waiver Hearing: The Rule Impedes Exercise of Parental Rights

  Legislature Challenges Vaccine Waiver May 27, 2017 Abigail Nobel Thursday morning, MI House Education Reform Committee heard testimony on HB 4425 and HB 4426, tie-barred bills that reverse a 2015 Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) Vaccine Waiver … Continue reading

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Interchangeables: Cheaper Biologics on Track for Michigan

Biologics took a big step toward affordability when HB 4812 had a second hearing before the MI Senate Health Policy Committee a few weeks ago. At issue was the prescribing process for interchangeables, the newer, cheaper versions of the expensive biologic … Continue reading

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Lansing Battles over Biologics

House Health Policy This Week Ever notice how two people can read the same words and come away with opposite meanings? I watched that spring to life in the House Health Policy Committee on Tuesday, October 27, in a dispute over medications. Horrendously expensive Biologic … Continue reading

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The Obamacare Exchange in Michigan

Background: The Obamacare Exchange Bill passed the MI Senate November 10, 2011 by an expedited procedure. Suspending the rules of the chamber, which required at least three days for final text review before a floor vote, the Senate sent SB 693 through committee vote, floor vote, … Continue reading

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