Regardless of how the 2010 passage of PPACA focused the national healthcare conversation on Washington, DC, the great majority of health policy is still determined in state capitols.

When the rules change for getting your mom’s pain pills, or your child’s allergy medication, or your insurance policy, or your license to practice or start a clinic– that’s all your state capitol at work. That, and much, much more.

After tracking and responding to major health bills in Lansing for the past four years, starting this year I plan to do so more comprehensively and pro-actively.

The tracking and scoring site is all set up and ready to go. As votes affecting our healthcare start coming through the legislature’s 2015-2016 term, I will begin posting the link with commentary.

I will also post committee information and agenda information to enable you to participate effectively. It is rare for bills to reach the floor without a committee vote, and testimony in person or via email before the committee is more likely to make a difference than when a bill reaches the full chamber vote.

I would like some help with tracking and reading bills. If you see something that would add to the conversation, please comment here. If you have experience with heavier reading or policy analysis and would like to participate more formally, please contact me.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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