Reverse the MI Vaccine Waiver: HCF Testimony


Healthcare Freedom in Michigan

5-27-17 This Thursday, the MI House Education Reform Committee held a hearing on HB 4425/26. Abigail Nobel for Healthcare Freedom in Michigan attended and submitted written testimony supporting the bills and opposing the MDHHS Vaccine Waiver Rule.

“Mr. Chairman, Committee Members, and guests:

Last year, when Michigan voted to Drain the Swamp, this is exactly the sort of overreach we had in mind.

Michigan has growing pains: conflict between traditional thought and observational challenges to the vaccine theory. Accepted wisdom alters with time, but certain truths do not.

  1. This country’s foundation is one of individual worth and rights to life, liberty, and property including conscience. Government’s task is limited to securing those rights. The theory of herd immunity backed with force of law is in direct opposition to these bedrock principles. This should be openly acknowledged, and minimized to the greatest extent possible.
  2. The family is the building block of society. Amid decline of the family, today’s parents carry huge burdens of self-doubt, insecurity, and guilt as reported by authorities on both ends of the political spectrum. Yet no one knows their children better, cares more, or is more present or able to provide for child health and welfare. And when parents retreat from their rights and responsibilities to do so, we see evidence such as the current Michigan budget process struggling to pick up families’ slack with growing social programs.
  3. Educational excellence depends upon school and family collaboration, yet this relationship is troubled by distrust and unclear lines of authority, anecdotally worsened by this rule.

“Protecting a child through immunization is a parent’s decision, taken in discussion with their doctor.” – US FDA. That is the ideal.

Michigan fiscal, educational, and health policy is best served by strong families. For the greater good in MI during this period of vaccine controversy, the state’s best position is restoring the family/societal balance by

  • working with the federal government toward consistent reporting and open publication of VAERS data for all to see and judge vaccine harm for themselves. Secrecy breeds ignorance and fear, impeding informed decisions.
  • ratcheting down the pressure upon free family choice by full reversal of the MDHHS rule
  • returning vaccine choice to private patient-physician decisions. Making government-controlled public health departments mandatory in that process is dangerously intrusive.
  • Michigan should clearly reinforce the natural parental responsibility of the entire raising of their children, including healthcare decisions such as waiver statements to public schools.

Thank you.”

(submitted document below)

HCF: Reverse the MDHHS Vaccine Waiver Rule HB 4425-6

Full report of the Hearing, including video.

Your help is needed! Healthcare Freedom Call to Action.

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